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U povodu 60. godišnjice smrti Pierrea Teilharda de Chardina SJ

(...) U povodu 60. godišnjice smrti isusovca Teilharda de Chardina valja nam se, sasvim kratko, pozabaviti pustošnim djelovanjem njegovih spisa i njegova lošeg životnog primjera.

U povodu 60. godišnjice smrti Pierrea Teilharda de Chardina SJ (1881. – 1955.)
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Vidi također: Teilhard de Chardin - A False Prophet

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  1. Nedavno je na Hrvatskom katoličkom radiju u emisiji "Limes kozmosa" tema bio upravo ovaj isusovac. Nikad prije za njega nisam bila čula, ali sam pokušala sabrano poslušati što imaju reći o njemu voditelj i njegov gost. Taj govor bio je potpuno nerazumljiv, zvučao mi je izuzetno odbojno jer se, protivno onome što je obično sadržaj govora u vjerskim emisijama, ovdje govorilo o energijama, svijesti i sličnim pojmovima svojstvenim new age učenjima. Hvala Bogu, na vrijeme sam ugasila radio tako da ništa nisam zapamtila osim imena tog čovjeka, čisto da znam ubuduće izbjegavati bilo što vezano za njegovo učenje.

  2. Nažalost, premda je osuđen kao krivovjerac, još uvijek utječe na mnoge u Crkvi.

  3. Toma,



    My name is George. I live in New York City but
    will be vacationing in Croatia in late August to
    early September (about 10 days). I thought it
    would be nice to connect with you and may be we go
    our for grab drinks when I arrive. I hope this doesn't sound weird
    but I believe the beauty of traveling is connecting with people and sharing different

    I have no concrete plans for this trip and my
    itinerary is pretty flexible so I am open and
    seeking suggestions on places to see and things to

    Even if you cant meet me, I would appreciate any sugestions for my trip. I want to take in the
    sights and sounds of Croatia - exploring interesting spots, chilling
    out on nice beaches and enjoying beach parties. At night, searching for the perfect cocktail/beer
    and/or dance floor that locals go to.

    I hope to hear from you...


    1. Hi, George, this does sound at least a little weird especially under the blog post on Teilhard de Chardin, but I decided to publish your comment since there might be other readers of my blog interested in giving you a suggestion.

      Since Croatian people are by nature not as open to strangers as Americans, I'm going to pass on drinks. However, once you meet people in Croatia in real life, I'm sure you'll be fine. If you really are as outgoing as this comment suggests, you'll have Croatian friends in no time. So, no worries!

      If you're arriving through Zagreb, half a day or a day will be enough to visit the city centre and enjoy the atmosphere. If you're going straight to the coast, it's also fine. Zadar, Split and Dubrovnik are larger towns you should probably see, at least the historical center. If you don't intend to visit all the museums (judging by your questions on beaches and parties, I presume not), then one day for each of the cities is quite enough. There are beaches in each of these places, so you won't miss out on that, and of course night life of your choosing. After a day of sightseeing and swimming, start with taking an evening stroll along the sea (well, in Dubrovnik, probably on the main street of the old town, but that's also nice if there aren't too many tourists), an activity much liked by both natives and tourists and practiced in even the smallest towns and villages. Afterwards, there might be some open air performance (folk dance, a cappella singing), spend a few minutes with that if you want. Finally, there are clubs, bars and places to party anywhere you go. I'm not really into this, so, you'll have to ask somewhere else. Just remember, don't drink too much and don't take drugs. With regards to sex, you probably already have your mind made up, one way or another, but from a strictly secular point of view, this is not how you'll best experience Croatia, the majority of Croatian girls keep their dignity and those that don't won't leave you with a nice memory of Croatia. But, more importantly, don't commit a mortal sin. Remember the four last things: death, judgment, heaven, hell. Is it not better not to jeopardize your soul? Croatia is a safe country, especially compared to NYC, but who knows when you'll be called to God's judgment, it can be an unexpected heart attack while swimming in our beautiful see. In other words, avoid near occasions of sin.


    2. As for the beaches and nature, I prefer southern Dalmatian islands (e.g. Brac, Hvar, Vis, Korcula), but you can't miss with other islands either. You don't have to visit everything, that would be very contrary to the laid back atmosphere you're trying to immerse yourself in. Four or five days at one of the larger islands is a minimum. Once your itinerary is fixed more clearly, check online for best beaches, or ask at the local tourist information center. In between swimming and having good time in the evening (again, think about your immortal soul!), go for a walk to some sight, for example an old ruin or a church at the top of the hill (it's better if you do it in the morning or late afternoon and bring enough water, I know, it's common sense, but unfortunately it's not very common).

      I don't know what age you are, but if you're in your 20's, you'll have no problem meeting people your age and English should not pose an obstacle either. Americans are usually quite open and friendly, and I'm sure you're not an exception, even if NY hardens a man's heart.

      What else? I hope you're a Catholic and that is how you ended up at this blog (even if you didn't use google translate to read it, there are plenty of pictures to tell you what it's about). If not, you should think about becoming one, your vacation in Croatia will be a perfect time since you'll have plenty of time to reflect on life, it's meaning and where it leads to: hint - four last things :-) When you visit a church, remember that Jesus, King of the Universe, is living there in the tabernacle (box with a red light next to it), you should be appropriately dressed (knees, shoulders and everything in between covered). If not, and you really want to see what's in the church, enter but don't prance around half naked (in your swimwear), stay in the back, keeping a humble demeanor and repeating in your heart: Forgive me, Lord, for I enter in your house unworthily (you don't have to strike your chest, unless you feel like it).

      I hope you have a wonderful time in Croatia. If you have some concrete questions and are not scared to ask, maybe I or one of my wonderful readers will be able to help you.

      PS. Unfortunately, there is no regular Traditional Latin Mass in Croatia any longer, check this page for possible change. Inland, you can go to Greek Catholic Divine Liturgies.
      Remember to pray your rosary every day or start praying it!

  4. :)) beach parties:)) Toma, odvedi covjeka i molim opseznu slikopricu nakon toga!!


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